Wednesday, September 1, 2010

100 Things I Love About My Husband

1) The way he smiles at me
2) His laugh when he finds something to be absolutely hilarious
3) The way he jumps when something scary happens in a movie
4) How "into it" he gets into everything. He's passionate about being passionate.
5) Having conversations with him in his sleep... priceless
6) His laugh in general
7) His drop dead gorgeous blue eyes
8) The way he does things like dishes and laundry (which he hates) for me as a surprise
9) The way he grills. He makes the BEST steak ever!
10) That he can't fall asleep unless he's touching me
11) The way he searches for me to hold after he's had a bad dream in the middle of the night
12) The way he jumps off the couch and says "Take that sucka face!!!" When he gets way into playing Halo
13) His wonderful back & neck massages
14) The crazy way he drives. Crazy, yes, but he's really good at driving. He could totally be a pro race car driver if he wanted to.
15) The way his hugs make me melt into his arms
16) The way he brushes his teeth with 2 hands
17) That he's not afraid to ask the hard questions ("So what has God been teaching you lately?)
18) How he always walks with his hand behind his back ready to grab my hand and lead me
19) How much more he loves God than me
20) The way he plays guitar with me
21) His forearms after rock climbing. Buff stuff ;)
22) When we go on a hike, how he waits for me and helps me up the harder parts
23) His sense of humor and how he ALWAYS knows how to make me laugh
24) How he somehow always gets me to smile at him even when I'm trying REALLY hard not to
25) The way he looks when he doesn't know I'm watching him
26) How much he loves his jr highers
27) That he genuinely enjoys and gets excited about having deeper conversations about God and the Bible
28) His fancy breakfasts. He makes the best waffles ever. :)
29) The way he wraps presents
30) How excited he gets over things like remote controlled cars & helicopters, hot wheels, etc.
31) The way he does laundry. Darks with lights, overfull, too much soap, shakes everything out rather aggressively before putting it in the dryer. It's just cute.
32) How he totally relaxes and melts whenever I give him a hug
33) The way he pulls me closer when I'm sitting too far away during a movie
34) How he just HAS to knock over things like piles of rocks, snowmen, etc. when he walks by
35) That he calls his female dogs "Bitches"
36) He LOVES horses
37) His facial expression after eating something bitter
38) That he loves sportscars as much as I do
39) That we're both WAY into the same TV shows and get overly excited when something amazing happens
40) The way he encourages me
41) The way he brushes my hair out of my face to look into my eyes
42) How he always looks for ways to make me feel special
43) The way he protects me from the things that hurt
44) The way he still loves me even when I'm PMSing really really bad
45) The way he holds me tight when I'm angry at him until the anger melts away
46) How hard he works to provide for our family
47) His nerdy Jr high pictures. He was stinkin adorable
47) How outspoken he can be sometimes. I love the looks on peoples faces when he says something they weren't expecting

48) His amazing artistic abilities. He's the greatest jewelry designer EVER
49) His sexy Italian name
50) How he can literally pull off wearing pretty much anything. Even his grandmas christmas sweater
51) How he makes people laugh
52) The way he playfully embarrasses his jr highers till they turn red
53) How he takes care of me when I'm sick
54) The way he hardcore dances to bands he's really into
55) The way he dances with me
56) The way he lets me be myself. Barefooted, bubble blowing, dress twirling, skipping through the grocery store, silly little girlish self :)
57) He always everyday tells me that I'm beautiful
58) He never hangs up the phone with me without saying "I love you"
59) How much he loves my cooking. He would rather have mine than a restaurants. :)
60) His outrageously loud sneezes
61) How cute he makes himself when he really wants something
62) When he calls me his best friend
63) His silliness in general
64) How he genuinely strives to give me the things I've dreamed of having
65) How he begs me for my homemade chocolate chip cookie dough
66) His sound effects
67) How he leans over the counter at the pharmacy and asks the pharmacist "So, who makes more money, you guys, or drug dealers?" Just to see the look on their faces
68) How he always rides and plays on the grocery carts at the store (especially IKEA)
69) His patience
70) How he always listens to me
71) The gratitude he shows me for the things I do for him
72) How he promises to be faithful always and to never ever leave me
73) The way he tears up when a romantic scene in a movie or book reminds him of the special kind of love we have (shhh.. I didn't tell you that)
74) How he randomly finds and picks me cute little flowers
75) That he always wants to hold my hand everywhere
76) The way he loves hearing me sing or play piano
77) How he dreams with me
78) How he just has to kiss me when he sees someone else being kissed
79) When he sneeks into the back room at work to give me a big long hug
80) The way he remembers the little things in life I appreciate
81) The way he teases me
82) The way he looks in a v-neck, American Eagle jeans, and flip flops
83) The way he smells
84) How he knows when I'm scared and pulls me close to save me
85) When he reads my mind (he's getting really good at that)
86) How runs inside and buys me my favorite candy bar when I'm waiting in the car at the gas station
87) How much he loves being with me 24/7
88) How many memories we have together that create endless inside jokes between us
89) How much he loves his family
90) Our random Ice Cream for dinner dates
91) How he tries to look innocent with his mouth stuffed full after stealing a cookie off my plate
92) How he sacrifices his time to be with me even though he'd much rather be doing something else
93) The way he kisses my neck when I'm sleeping
94) The way he plays with my hair
95) The way he runs his finger up my leg and gives me goosebumps
96) Chasing geese in the park with him
97) Laughing till we cry after we fight over something stupid and realize how silly we are being
98) How cute he looks when he gets embarrassed
99) How he makes me feel completely adored every moment of every day
100) How 100 things I love about him isn't nearly enough to describe how wonderful and amazing he really is...

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  1. you've inspired me. keep it up and keep praising God.

    thnk u and all the best.